Calendar of my open-source microchips


This is an overview of all my open-source microchips, in chronological order. Each row displays the information of a single microchip design. The columns are explained below the list. Some of the fields link to external sites.

Work-in-progress: Empty fields will get filled over time, the infos are not ready available by now. The whole thing is updated from time to time.


   SKY130MPW-5ZtoAALU 74181Git  
22/0524/02 SKY130MPW-8EFVGA clock 01GitGit 
22/1223/06YGF180MPW-0EF8x8 Bit Mem PlayerWokwiGit 
22/1223/06YGF180MPW-0EFALU 74181GitGit 
22/1224/01YSKY1302211QTT028x8 Bit Mem PlayerWokwiGit 
22/1224/01YSKY1302211QTT02Shiftreg Chall. 40 BitWokwiGit 
23/0424/03 SKY1302304CTT03Skinny SBox 8 BitWokwiGit 
23/0424/03 SKY1302304CTT038x8 Bit Mem PlayerWokwiGit 
23/0424/03 SKY1302304CTT03Shiftreg Chall. 40 BitWokwiGit 
23/06  SKY130?TT03.5VGA clock 02GitGit 
23/0924/04 SKY1302309TT04Audio PWM Synth?Git 
23/1224/06 GF180MPW-1EFAudioChipGitGit 


TO: Tapeout deadline dates. The commit of the design files for production.

Del: Delivery date. The chip gets delivered to me.

I: The chip is In my hands (Yes/No).

PDK: Process Design Kit (Open Source).

SR: Shuttlerun name and number.

Ser: Serviceprovider for the Shuttlerun. EF = Efabless, ZtoA = ZeroToAsic, TT = Tinytapeout.

Name: Name of the chipdesign.

Code: Link to the sourcecode of the chipdesign.

GDS: Link to the repository of the Tapeout GDS.

BU: Link to the Bring-Up and testing process, after receiving the microchips.

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